Standard Features

Automatic Blogging

Add your blogs to our system, then every time you write a blog post we'll push that post out to all of your blogs over a period of a day or so.

Current blog platforms that we support are:

  • Wordpress 2+ and 3+
  • Wordpress.com hosted blogs
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Blogspot
  • Any blog platform that uses the XMLRPC API, you can easily integrate your own bespoke platform


If you want each blog post your send out to be unique to avoid duplicating content across all of your blogs then you can, very easily, by spinning your blog posts.

When you spin a blog post you're essentially asking Site Burner to pick a random word or phrase from a list. If you do this to a few phrases and words for each sentance then you can soon build up a large number of unique articles.

Read more about spinning.

Smart Linking

Site Burner has been designed for people with multiple blogs. Often one or two blogs are far more popular than the others, can it can be a strain on resources to try and distribute traffic amongst them all. This is where smart linking comes in.

Read more about smart linking and how it will help you.

Social Bookmarking

Every time we send one of your posts out to one of your blogs we log it in our systems. Site Burner will then add bookmarks to your posts on an assortment of social bookmarking services for you. A lot of professional bloggers do this with their posts, but it often takes them over an hour to publish to the best bookmarking services - now there's no need.

Project Management

Site Burner has been built to allow you to categorise all of your websites and articles under projects. This becomes especially useful when you have a large number of blogs and work with different niches. All accounts can have unlimited projects.

Link Wheels

Link wheels are used to great advantage by Internet marketers to gain an advantage in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With Site Burner you can easily create link wheels, with all of the difficult parts being looked after by our systems. Site Burner looks after all of the intelligent linking between posts, and doesn't allow reciprocal links, giving you maximum benefit.

Read more about link wheels and how they work.