Features - Smart Linking

Smart Linking

Smart Linking is an intelligent linking feature developed especially for Site Burner. The idea is to link your blogs together in a SEO-friendly manner, maximising the traffic to all of your blogs, and to any sites you link to.

How it works

All of the work is done by us. All you need to do is wrap your keyword in the smartlink tags, like: [smartlink]key phrase here[/smartlink].

Once we have your key phrase or key word we'll search your previous posts for something relevant. Once we find it, we link to it. This is done on a per-project basis, so all posts are kept together and don't inter-link between projects, enabling you to create advanced link wheels.

The important part

We keep a detailed map of exactly what websites in our systems link to where using the smart link tool. This enables us to prevent reciprocal linking (where two sites link to one another). Reciprocal links between websites cancel out each other's effect, but linking using smart links will only strengthen your websites.