Features - Spinning


Spinning is the method we use to make your posts unique. It works by you giving us a few different versions of a lot of the words and phrases in your article. Site Burner can then run through your article picking a random word/phrase from each set. If you have a 500 word article that has been correctly spun there are thousands of possible combinations of words, and thus, thousands of possible unique articles that can be generated.

This all sounds quite complicated, but all of the hard stuff is done by our systems. You just need to write the article itself in the right format. As you're writing your article try replacing some words with other versions that mean the same thing, like: {word1|word2|word3}

Let's take the following sentence:

Hi there, my name is Jimmy, and I love the seaside.

In a spinnable format it would look something like the following:

{Hi|Hey|Hello} there, my name is {James|Jimmy|John}, and I love {the seaside|camping}.

Our systems would work through that sentence and pluck out random words between the braces, so something like:

Hey there, my name is John, and I love camping.
Hello there, my name is James, and I love the seaside.
Hey there, my name is Jimmy, and I love camping.

See how they're all different from the original sentence?

Nested Spins

It's important to make your spins as complicated as possible, and the larger the better. The more unique it is the better value it holds. That is why we have built Site Burner with nested spin supports. Nested spinning is where you can spin within a spin, like the following.

{{Green|Red|Blue} fruit|{Green|Red|Blue} colored balls} are my favorite.

This saves you time by allowing our system to choose from any of the colors and a choice of two sentences, so with just a few words and clever use of spinning that sentence has 32 possible outcomes. Imagine that throughout a 500 word article.